Solar Home Off-Grid Kits

Solar Power KitsOff-Grid means that the appliances will be powered by the Solar System permanently - unless we experience prolonged bad weather.

This results in savings on your electricity bill.

One of the most important decisions when designing a Off-Grid Solar Power System is deciding on the best battery for the application.




We provide 3 Different Battery Options:

  •  Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Semi-Sealed are various versions of lead acid batteries / Deep Cycle batteries. AGM batteries do not tend to sulfate or degrade as easily as Semi-Sealed and will give longer life span and greater cycle life than a Semi-Sealed battery. Semi-Sealed release noxious acidic gas while they are charging, and must be Li in a sealed battery box that is vented to the outside. They also must be stored upright, to avoid battery acid spills and cannot be installed near sensitive electronic equipment AGM batteries do not have these constraints, and can be placed in unventilated areas – even inside your living space.
  •   3500 Cycles  (20% DOD) 
  •  2 Year Limited Warranty
Lead Crystal
  •   Lead Crystal batteries can be charged two times faster, discharged much deeper (even to 0 Volt), and be used in a wider temp range (-40 +65 C) than the conventional Lead-acid batteries. Lead Crystal batteries require no special ventilation or cooling. 
  •   Up to 99% Recyclable and increased sustainability.
  •   Excellent high-current discharge ability.  Float service life up to 18 years.     
  •   6000 cycles (20% DOD)
  •   3 Year Limited Warranty
  •   The energy efficiency (energy that can be taken out of battery compared to energy required to re-charge) for Lead-acid batteries is ~ 80%.
  •   For Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries it is ~ 92%.  The final 20% charge for a Lead-acid battery is particularly inefficient with efficiencies of  ~ 50% and can take a very long time for the battery to become completely charged.  In contrast a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery can still achieve 90% efficiency and so can be fully charged more quickly and using less energy. They are expensive when compared to lead-acid, but can be compensated for by longer service life, size or weight considerations, superior reliability & efficiency.
  •   Up to six times the battery life of a conventional Lead-acid battery
  •   10 Year Limited Warranty
Sizing of Off-Grid System
  •   Off-Grid Systems are sized in Watthours provided per day.  A kWh is the unit that appear on your electricity bill. 
  •   This should not be confused with the 4 kW peak that the Inverter can supply, kWh is a volume, for example:
    •   2kWh means that 1kW can be drawn for 2 hours, or 200W for 10 hours.
    •   What happens if there is no sun?
  •   All our systems have 3 day battery backup.
  •   All our Inverters can use Eskom as a back-up to charge the Batteries.
  •   * Every Kit comes with a Sub Distribution Board with a Built-in Automatic Transfer Switch - that will automaticly switch back to Eskom or Generator should anything malfunction.

You will never be left in the dark!

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