Commercial Solar Systems

When commercial or industrial Solar Systems are installed by Red Energy, we use German Manufactured Grid-Tie inverters that supplement your Municipality with Solar Power to bring down your consumption and thus saving you monthly on your electric bills. This is a more cost effective solution as there are no batteries involved which accelerates the return on investment period. These are nearly maintenance free systems as there are no batteries to replace.

Our Locally produced Solar Panels and German manufactured Grid-Tie Inverters and have a standard 10 year product warranty, the Solar Panels also have a 25 year 80% efficiency Guarantee.

When the already approved tariff increases of Eskom and the Local Municipalities are taking into consideration, these systems pay for themselves twice within the product warrantee period, no other investment will provide you with an investment opportunity with this type of return.
With the new  Accelerated Depreciation included in Section 12B of the Income Tax Act, Systems will now pay for themselves even faster, up to Three times within the product warranties.
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For Commercial Applications we use Grid-Tie Inverters to feed into the Eskom Grid to supplement Eskom power with Solar Power.

The reason for doing this is because of the Return on Investment.

Our German Grid-Tie Inverters and Locally Manufactured Solar Panels both have a 10 year Product Warranty.

Because of escalating Eskom tariffs a Grid-Tie Solar System pays for itself TWICE within its Warranty Period - unlike any investment available anywhere!

Here are some examples of actual systems which pay for themselves twice within warranty period.

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