Solar System Investment

Please find below the return on investment calculated on a current energy charge of R1.12 per Kilowatt hour, an annual tariff increase of 12.69% as per NERSA and an assumed average of 264.6 Kilowatt hours per day provided by the solar system.

This results in your current investment of R 887 050.00 excluding VAT for the system installed, being estimated to pay for itself in savings by year 6.

On top of this, the system is estimated to save you ± R 1 075 652.46 by year 10 because of the accumulated Eskom Tariff Increases.

The Photovoltaic Panels has a 10 year product warranty which means that the Solar Panels and Grid-Tie Inverters will pay for itself twice within the warranty period.

The German Manufactured Grid-Tie Inverters have a 10 year warranty period because of superior manufacturing techniques and no moving parts.

The Locally Manufactured Solar Panels have a 25 year 80% Performance Guarantee. At year 25 the total savings will be R 15 million even if the Inverters had to be replaced within this period. We therefore expect tremendous savings over the lifespan of this system.

10 Year Warranty on KACO Grid-Tie Inverter
10 Year Warranty on Solar Panels
** Decrease in demand charge has not been taken into account – this will amount to further savings

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