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Heat Pump vs Solar Geyser

A Heat Pump works on the exact same principle than a Refrigarator or Air Conditioner - but only in reverse.  It consists of the same mechanical parts, but instead of Heating Liquid and Cooling Air like an Air Con, it cools air and heats liquid.

Heat Pump

1. Condencer          2. Expansion Valve           3. Evaporator                 4. Compressor

We respect this technology very much, because nothing can compare to the cooling characteristics of an Air Conditioner.

But we do believe that when it comes to heating - there are better options.  More affordable and more efficient.

A heat pump saves up to 66% of the heating cost of a standard electric element.

Solar Geysers saves up to 90% of the heating costs of a standard electric element.  Then our Solar Geysers also have the advantage of being totally INDEPENDENT of Eskom.  We consider this very important and a huge advantage.

When compared to our Low Pressure Solar Geyser, a Heat Pump has more mechanical and servicable parts.  Just like an Air Conditioner that runs every day for most of the day should be serviced from time to time - so a Heat Pump will have to be serviced.

A Low Pressure Solar Geyser has no mechanical parts that run through the whole day, our Booster Pump only runs while the hot water tap is opened - and the system functions even without the working of the Booster Pump.

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