About Us

Red Energy was birthed out of the relationship of 3 Directors who collectively have 15 years of full-time experience in the Solar Industry.


Engineer and Inventor Nikola Tesla lived 100 years ago. He is the real Tesla, he didn’t invent battery powered vehicles - he invented:


    -   The only efficient way to distribute electricity over a distance: Alternating Current

    -   The only effective way to communicate over a distance: Radio Waves

    -   The fluorescent light which was until very recently they only efficient light source

    -   The only way to achieve the cooling effect: Absorption Chiller used in Fridges, Air-Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Industrial Chillers. This he invented accidentally while looking for a way to Harvest Energy from the atmosphere.


From then on Nikola Tesla committed his life to harvest Renewable Energy.


He wanted to generate electricity from the radio waves that are all around us – a renewable energy source. Although he managed to demonstrate wireless energy in the process, he never found a workable solution to harvest and contain this renewable energy source.


In 1901 Nikola Tesla filed his US patent for "method of utilizing, and apparatus for the utilization of, radiant energy". But it was only 50 years later - 10 years after Tesla’s death that the first Solar Cell was successfully manufactured. We believe harvesting Energy from the sun is the fulfilment of Nikola Tesla’s dream of harvesting energy from the atmosphere. If research could have kept up with Tesla he would have been the one to develop Solar Cells to achieve the efficiency which was only achieved in the 21st century.


Being middle class his entire life Nikola Tesla believed in a truly affordable way to harvest energy.


With a system that pays for itself over and over within its warranty period Red Energy is truly harvesting free energy.


Red Energy believes in what Tesla stood for

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