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The financial viability of Solar Systems has arrived

Everyone is asking why we should install Solar Panels.  Most people believe that our sunshine is so bountiful that it just should make sense to go Solar.  Finally Red Energy has designed a Solar System that makes sense - a Plug & Play System - it literally plugs into a wall socket and starts to save you money!

Grid-Tie Solar Systems have been around since the beginning.  All Solar Farms and large Installations feed into the utility grid.  This requires no batteries and is therefore extremely affordable - batteries has always been the most intensive cost factor.  Grid-Tie Systems come in all sizes, but due to the affordability of the 3kW Plug&Play System we can literally install a few of these kits next to each other - this does not increase the cost in comparison to one 6kW System.

One Size Fits All

Solar has been extremely complicated for far too long.  To calculate an Off-Grid Solar System means we have to know how much power will be used for the next 20 years - it's literally like calculating how much prepaid to buy for 20 years in advance!

A bite-size 3kW Plug & Play Solar System consists of 12 Solar Panels - reducing your bill by an estimated 14 units per day.  The system is designed to fit your budget and pay for itself as fast as possible - which will then allow you to add another system if your electricity usage requires more Solar Power.

Start saving - see if it works for you - upgrade if you love it (which you will).

Return on Investment

You should install a Plug & Play Solar System because of the Financial benefits.  If it doesn't make absolute financial sense - you absolutely should not install a Solar System.

This is why Red Energy Guarantees a Triple Payback on our Grid-Tie Systems - we are abolutely convinced because we've tested many installed systems and all perform better than promised.

There are only 2 variables which pose a risk to our guarantee.  And it's a risk we're more than willing to take:

1. The Sun might stop shining

2. Eskom's tariff might decrease

The jury is still out as to which risk it the highest - most people we talk to believes the sun would rather stop shining...

 Let's compare Solar to your Bank

We've compared our Triple Payback to an investment at a bank.

Most banks give 6% interest per year - hardly enough to beat inflation.

When comparing the same amount - at year 10 our Solar Systems has saved you 5 times more than the bank has.

Facts on Solar Panels, Inverters and Solar Batteries

Solar Panels Generate DC Power which the Inverter converts to AC power which is then fed into your house and helps to power your appliances.  Important to note that AC Power was invented by Nikola Tesla - without this invention electricity couldn't have been distributed further than 5 kilometers - and that at significant losses.

A Battery Backup can be installed to work in conjuction with the Grid-Tie Solar System.  This requires an Off-Grid Inverter which allows the system to work independently of Eskom during the day, and will provide energy to be used at night - how much for how long is determined by the size of the Battery Bank that you opt for.

The size of the Off-Grid Inverter will determine which appliances can be powered when Eskom is not available.  Mostly appliances with elements cannot be powered by a standard size Inverter and are not recommended to be used when Eskom is not available (unless your system is specifically designed for this application).  These appliances include Kettles, Electric Heaters, Geyser Elements, Stoves and Ovens.

The amount of Solar Panels will determine how much energy is generated and how many kWh you will save.  The more Solar Panels the higher volume of energy is available.

We need Solar because we need to save.  Independence can be achieved later when necessary by only adding the Battery Backup Upgrade.  When Load Shedding returns the cost of batteries can be considered as a means of achieving the comfort needed.

A generator is not an economical solution for daily use, a generator is designed to be an emergency backup.  Daily use will incur tremendous fuel costs that will drain your budget.

Installing Solar Panels is an investment – it increases the value of your house and the quality of living.  This investment also pays for itself - a lowering electricity bill each month means that the monthly budget can go further.  No other investment guarantees a sustained future – economies are fragile and financial bubbles are bursting – this is the time to consolidate by investing in survival and a sustained future.  Guaranteed savings is one thing, but guaranteed energy during dark days are priceless.

We believe the essentials can be run from Solar Power without costing too much.  Most of our customers start with the smallest Solar Power Kits to only run the essentials – a lot of customers upgrade their systems every 2 months because they are taking the steps toward total independence.  We want you to start somewhere, going further is totally up to you and is a decision that you can make with knowledge gained through experience.

We need hot water, gas for cooking, lights, fridges and freezers to survive a prolonged power outage.  All of the above requires an investment that pays for itself – it makes sense financially and for sustainability.  Now is the time to become independent, now is the time to save monthly, now is the time to take control of your future.

With the design of new All-in-One Inverters Solar has become more affordable than ever – and also less complicated.  One Component now controls the entire Solar System – and displays exactly what is going on at any given moment.  A diagram shows exactly if the power generated is charging batteries or only supplying the load.  It shows the current level of the batteries and when configured if Eskom is used to help charge the batteries.  For the first time ever Solar and Eskom can charge batteries at the same time to increase the charging speed if needed.  This Inverter also has increased protection

With our finance option we have negotiated the repayments as low as possible. A normal household should save more than R400, which means you will still be saving money even if you make use of finance! No deposit is required!

Your saving covers your repayments!  Our system has a five year guarantee and a life span of up to twenty years.

If you are interested in the Finance Option, please download this form and complete it. This needs to be accompanied by a copy of your ID, your latest water and electricity bill, a salary slip and 3 months' bank statements.To get the process started as soon as possible Fax ( 086 634 1127 ) or email ( the documents to us.

You will be notified within 48 hours of us receiving all documentation if you qualify for financing, after which you will receive a contract from the financial house which needs to be sent back to us as soon as possible. Installation will be done within approximately 4 days after the contract has been received.


* Installation price within 50km from branch.  Pleas ask for prices outside this area.


If you have any questions please email or phone 

012 004 1116

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